Reshaping Education Curriculum to Enhance Learning Outcomes: Government Urged by Anim.: Government Urged by Anim.

Samuel Anim, has urged the government to take action and reshape the existing education curriculum.

Reshaping Education Curriculum to Enhance Learning Outcomes: Government Urged by Anim.

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Samuel Anim (seated 3rd from left), General Manager of Prymage Consultancy Limited, with some students and lecturers of GCTU

The General Manager of Prymage Consultancy Limited, Samuel Anim, has urged the government to take action and reshape the existing education curriculum in order to improve learning outcomes and enhance the skills development of students. This transformation is crucial, as it will equip students with the necessary knowledge and abilities required for the ever-evolving job market.

Mr. Anim made this remark during a two-day capacity-building workshop organized by the Ghana Communication Technical University Business School (GCTUBS) in Accra. The workshop, titled “Accounting Education Challenges in the Millennium Era”, aimed to empower lecturers and students in their respective departments and provide them with valuable insights to advance their profession.

The participants of the workshop were trained in various software programs, including QuickBooks and Tally, which are essential tools for keeping track of financial transactions and other related activities. This practical training equips them with the requisite skills to adapt to the current trends in the workforce.

The collaboration between GCTUBS and the Department of Accounting, Banking, and Finance of the technical university, in partnership with Prymage, underscores the relevance of such initiatives in bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Expanding on the importance of software proficiency, Mr. Anim emphasizes that learning about these programs enhances the ability of both students and lecturers to effectively manage financial transactions and other essential tasks. He encourages students to challenge themselves by acquiring additional accounting software skills, aligning their education with the demands of the job market.

“While pursuing your degree programs, HND, diploma, or any other courses, I strongly advise you to invest time in studying at least two or three accounting software programs. Adding computer proficiency to your academic pursuits will significantly boost your efficiency,” Mr. Anim affirms.

He commends the university for its proactive approach and highlights the competitive advantage that software proficiency provides in the job market. He stresses that many employers now require applicants to have knowledge and experience in these software programs.

The Dean of GCTUBS, Prof. George Oppong Ampong, explains that the workshop is part of a comprehensive skill-building program for the faculty. He further states that the university is committed to fostering discussions and seminars revolving around technology, business, entrepreneurship, and digitalization. By doing so, they aim to prepare students and the younger generation for tech-based entrepreneurship opportunities and align their skills with global job market trends.

In line with their dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements, the university plans to introduce cutting-edge programs focused on financial technology, forensic auditing, and accounting. These progressive initiatives will solidify the institution’s status as the preferred choice for both students and industry players.

In conclusion,

the call to reshape the education curriculum and prioritize skill development by Samuel Anim represents a necessary step towards improving learning outcomes and bridging the gap between academia and industry needs. By incorporating software proficiency and embracing emerging trends, educational institutions can empower students and position them for success in the dynamic job market.

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